Blue Flower

In some way, a toaster doesn't adequately thank mom for sixteen hours of labor and the fact that she now has extra skin around her belly. Nor does a breakfast of burnt toast and eggs in bed (not to mention the fact that there will be crumbs all over the sheets which mom will have to clean up later). So, what's a kid to do?


Well, if you're going to buy mom flowers, there are a few things you should know first. Tradition: On Mother's Day, there is a tradition to wear a white carnation if your mother has passed away or a red one if she is living. Okay, that's great, but what kind of flowers must you buy her? That depends on what she likes and what you can give.


You can buy a cheap bouquet that lasts well, or a really luxurious one that doesn't make it a week. What's a person to do? First, figure out how much you want to spend and educate yourself on what's available. There are a lot of flowers out there in a lot of price ranges and they are for sale everywhere. If you are going to buy a nice bouquet of roses, my recommendation would be to buy from a place with a great reputation if you're ordering sight unseen or online.


Pick a popular color (this will assure freshness). Oftentimes, you can buy openly from the grower. Occasionally, it works out. Sometimes, however, the flowers are sent too early and they never open. That said, order the most common colors to insure freshness (think pink, red, white, yellow, - stay away from purple, orange or other fancy colors). If you want to save money, go for a smaller stem. Also, the stems have to be cut when mom gets them anyway. Learn more about valentine roses, go here. 


Also, you can order spray roses, which are essentially roses that grow more than one per stem. They are just as pretty as single stem roses, and a lot less expensive. Don't like or can't afford roses? Some other great choices include long lasting flowers such as chrysanthemum, carnations, lilies or orchids. All of these flowers come in numerous great colors.


Flowers that do not last well would include daffodils, iris, and tulips. Be sure to get one of those flower packets to add to the water when you buy the flowers. They actually help spread the flowers' lives by feeding them and delaying the growth of bacteria.